Cub Scouts and Pack Meetings

What is Cub Scouts All About?

The Cub Scout program emphasizes caring, nurturing relationships between a child and their parents, adult leaders and friends. Cub Scouts is about having “Fun with a Purpose.” The ten purposes of Cub Scouting are listed below followed by the methods we use to implement these purposes. All Den, Pack, District and Council activities incorporate at least two of the purposes.

  • To influence the development of Good Character.
  • To encourage Spiritual Growth.
  • To help youth develop habits and attitudes of Good Citizenship.
  • To encourage Good Sportsmanship and Fitness in growing strong in mind and body.
  • To improve Family Understanding.
  • Support Respectful Relationships by strengthening the ability of children to get along with other and respect other people.
  • To foster a sense of Personal Achievement by helping youth develop new interests and skills.
  • To show youth how to be helpful through Friendly Service and to always do one’s best.
  • To provide Fun and Adventure introducing them to new and exciting things to do.
  • To Prepare Them for Scouts BSA.

The methods used to implement the purposes of Cub Scouting are:

  • Home and Neighborhood Centered
  • Parental and Family Involvement
  • Advancement Plan
  • The Den
  • The Ideals of Cub Scouting
  • The Uniform
  • Activities

Pack Meetings

Pack meetings will Start promptly at 6:30 p.m. and end no later than 8:00 p.m. Please check the Pack calendar posted on our web-site for Pack meeting dates and locations. They are generally held on a Monday each month. The Pack meeting is for all Cub Scouts of every rank. It is a program that reinforces in the monthly theme on which the Dens have been working. Occasionally times and dates may change so please make sure to check the web-site regularly.

Pack meetings are not a drop-off activity. A parent or guardian must attend the Pack meeting with his or her child. Parents participate in the Pack meeting activities so you need to be there. Keep in mind that this is a time for your child to receive recognition and display the good work they and their Den-mates have done that month. They will be proud to show you what they are working on and you should use this time as an opportunity to encourage them to continue to work hard. If necessary, siblings may attend the Pack meeting but only as long as you are there to provide guidance and they do not interfere with the night’s program. Siblings should not attend Den meetings. It is also important to note that Pack Meetings are about the scouts. It is not a social opportunity for the Parents to catch up with one another. Please be respectful of the intent of the meeting. This includes not using a cell phone or texting during the meeting.